2017 Officers
President: Steven Carman
Vice President: Jim Pitt
Secretary/Treasurer: Terry Helser
Tournament Chairman: Andy Smith
Safety Officer: Kevin Rawlings
Historian: Denis Schanberger
Webmaster: Steve Carman
Club Information

A Maryland Bass Federation member since 1974.  We were
formed several years earlier by band members from the
United States Naval Academy.   Jim Pitt, past President of
Crabtowne, has been a member since the beginning years.

When: The 2nd Tuesday of each month
Where: Mayo Police Department, Edgewater, Maryland

What We Are About
We usually fish 9 or 10 tournaments a year and sponsor an
open team tournament.  We are a club that believes in an
enjoyable, competitive and friendly atmosphere.
Annapolis, Maryland
Past Season's Results
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"The charm of fishing is that it's the pursuit of
what is elusive but attainable. A perpetual series
of occasions of hope." - Sir John Buchan
Club Apparel
Stuff & More
10/10: Monthly Club Meeting, Edgewater PD, 7pm
10/14: Club Tournament #9, Conowingo
11/4-5: Club Tournament #10, Lake Anna 2-Day