Website Activities Log
11/12/20 - Post November meeting minutes
11/10/20 - Post Anna 2 Day results, update YTD Standings, membership pics page, home page, Added Lake Anna pics, October meeting minutes posted
10/19/20 - Post Potomac 2 results, update YTD standings, update home page, Post Potomac #2 pics
10/14/20 - Update home page & club roster, Post Potomac #2 and Lake Anna 2-day pairings, post September meeting minutes, BH & Piney Run pics added
09/20/20 - Post Piney Run results, Updated YTD standings, tweak home page
09/09/20 - Post Piney Run Pairings, Update meeting minutes page
08/04/20 - Post Marshyhope Results, Update YTD standings, update home page, Marshyhope pics posted
07/19/20 - Post Potomac #1 results, Update YTD standings, update home page, Potomac 1 pics posted
06/29/20 - Post Conowingo results, Update YTD stats, Black Hill pics, Conowingo pics, update home page
06/07/20 - Post Black Hill Results, Update YTD standings, Update Home Page, 2020 club tournament schedule
03/25/20 - Updated Home page, member profiles, 2020 schedule
03/13/20 - Post 2020 Banquet Pics, Wicomico Pairings, Update Members pics page,
12/26/19 - Prep website for 2020
12/13/19 - Update home page and 2020 Marshyhope Open links
11/13/19 - Post Black Hill results, Update 2019 Final standings, post Black Hill pics, update homepage
10/18/19 - Post Anna 2-Day results, update YTD standings, post BH pairings, post Anna 2-Day pics, Update homepage
10/04/19 - Update YTD stats, post Marshyhope tourney results, added Marshyhope and Potomac #3 pics, Update homepage
09/16/19 - Post Potomac #3 results, updated YTD Standings, update homepage
09/11/19 - Add pairings for Potomac #3, Marshyhope, Lake Anna 2-Day
09/06/19 - Posted Marshyhope Open Pics & Results (Picture page 38), update homepage
07/28/19 - Post Potomac #2 results and pictures, Update YTD Standings
07/20/19 - Post Nanticoke results and updated YTD standings, Nanticoke Pics posted
07/10/19 - Post pairings for upcoming Nanticoke & Potomac tournaments
06/30/19 - Post Conowingo results, update YTD standings, post Conowingo pics
06/19/19 - Update Member Pics and Club Roster pages, Post pics for Potomac & Susquehanna tournaments, add Conowingo pairings, Update Homepage
06/08/19 - Post Susquehanna tournament results, Update YTD Standings, Update Home page
05/27/19 - Publish 2019 Marshyhope Open page with links to applications and tournament details
05/21/19 - Post Potomac #1 results, Update YTD standings, update home page, post schedule update to Upper Bay 'make-up' tournament
05/12/19 - Post 1Q19 meeting minutes, Update Home Page, post Banquet & Rocky Gorge pics
04/07/19 - Post Rocky Gorge tourney results, Update YTD standings, Miscellaneous website tweaks
01/05/19 - Prep website for 2019
11/05/18 - Post Lake Anna 2-Day results, 2018 Final Standings, Lake Anna 2-Day pics
10/10/18 - Pairings for Conowingo and Lane Anna 2-Day
09/23/18 - Nanticoke River results, Update YTD Standings
09/09/18 - Post Potomac 2 results, Update YTD Standings, Potomac #2 tournament pics
09/06/18 - Post Sassafras Club tournament pics, Post Marshyhope Open Pics & Results page, Update club meeting minutes page
09/05/18 - Post Potomac #2 and Conowingo pairings
08/11/18 - Sassfras tournament results, YTD standings, update home page, update 'dates to remember'
07/09/18 - Trap Pond tourney results, Updated YTD stats, Trap Pond Pics, tweak home page, add Chuck M to membership roster and pics page
06/25/18 - Black Hill tourney results, Updated YTD stats, post Black Hills pics, update home page
06/11/18 - Update home page, post Susquehanna tourney results, update YTD stats, post May meeting minutes, Add Flats tourney pics
05/19/18 - Post Potomac 1 results, Update YTD stats, post Potomac 1 pics, Update home page
05/05/18 - Post Potomac 1 and Susquehanna tournament pairings, post approved April meeting minutes
04/21/18 - Post Piney Run Pairings & Results, YTD Standings, March Meeting minutes, Piney Run Pics, Update homepage, update membership roster/pics
03/23/18 - Post 2018 Banquet Pics, Post February meeting minutes, Update Homepage, Post 2018 Marshyhope Open webpage & applications
02/20/18 - Post updated 2018 Bylaws document, Update home page 'dates to remember', post 1/9 meeting minutes
12/19/17 - Update Homepage, Post 2018 club tournament schedule, October & November Meeting minutes, Update 2018 Marshyhope Open page
11/10/17 - Post Anna 2-Day results, Post 2017 Final Standings, Update Home page, Post Naniticoke, Conowingo & Anna 2-Day pics
11/01/17 - Post Conowingo results, Update YTD stats, Post September meeting minutes, update home page, post Anna 2-Day pairings
09/24/17 - Post Nanticoke tournament results, Update YTD stats, update homepage
09/13/17 - Post Pocomoke results & pics, Updated YTD stats, post 8/8 meeting minutes, update homepage  
08/22/17 - Post Trap & Potomac tourney pics, post Marshyhope Open pics & results page, post Pocomoke tournament pairing
08/06/17 - Post Potomac River tourney results, Update YTD stats
07/24/17 - Post Trap Pond results, Update YTD stats, post July meetung minutes
07/14/17 - Post Trap & Potomac tourney pairings,
06/18/17 - Piney Run pairings/results, Updated Standings, update Home page, post updated May & June mtg minutes, post Black Hills & Piney Run pics
06/11/17 - Post Black Hills results, Update YTD stats, update home page
05/19/17 - May meeting minutes added, Change Lake Anne dates on Schedule page, Update Home page
05/10/17 - Post Lake Anna and Black Hills pairings, Update Home Page
04/22/17 - Post Upper Bay tournament results, YTD Standings and Pics
04/12/17 - Post Upper Bay pairings, post April Meeting minutes, update club roster page
04/09/17 - Post Potomac River tourney results, post YTD standing, update Home page, Post Potomac #1 pics
03/17/17 - Post Potomac River club tournament pairings, posted March meeting minutes
02/25/17 - Post February meeting minutes
02/15/17 - Update Marshyhope Open page with 2017 entry forms, Update hompage
01/13/17 - Post 2017 club tournament schedule & January meeting minutes
01/01/17 - Prep website for 2017
This page is intended to provided an 'activity log' of changes and updates made to the Crabtowne Bassmaster web-site.  
Hopefully, a quick glance at this log will let you know what changes have been made since your last visit.