Miscellaneous Pictures: Page 8
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Annapolis, Maryland
Fred's Fish!
What a Load of Crappie!
Jim's Smallie
Crabtowners on the Sassafras (April 19, 2008)
From left to right - Jim A, Jeff Joe L, Shawn, Denis, Joe M, Gary, Jim P, Steve, Glen, Matt, Alan, Aaron, Roger Jr
Matt & Jim in Turners
Joe L
Roger Sr.
1st Place fish
Sassafras Lunker
Jim P & Jeff
Glen, Jim P, Jeff
Lil' Joe
Roger Jr
Susquehanna River - May 17, 2008
Joe L
Proud to be a Crabtowner!
Gary - 2nd Place
Roger Jr, Alan, Fred
Catchin' 30 < 15
Denis - 1st Place Lunker
Roger Sr.
The Master fully focused and ready for action!