Charter, Bylaws & Tournament Rules


PURPOSE: To provide members an opportunity to fish in a competitive, yet friendly environment, to gain a more knowledgeable
proficiency of bass angling, to promote good sportsmanship among chapter members, and too promote environmental
protection and awareness.

GOALS: To help each chapter member become a more successful bass angler, to give chapter members an opportunity to fish
more often at a moderate cost, to preserve and improve our natural resources, and to establish a communication link with the
bass fishing community.

************************************* Voted & Accepted (no changes) on December 8, 2020 ******************************************************


1. Membership
2. Meetings
3. Code of Conduct
4. Officers
5. Tournament Fishing
- Summary
- Drawing / Pairing
- Cancellations / Late Requests to Fish
- Tournament Rules
- Points System
6. Standing Rules
7. Charter, Bylaw & Tournament Rule Changes
8. General Information


ARTICLE 1 – Membership

Section 1-1: Dues

a) All members are required to be ‘members in good standing’ with B.A.S.S.

b)Dues are $150 per calendar year, payable in two installments:
- $100 is due no later than the previous year December meeting date.
- $50 is due no later than the current year June meeting date.

c) New member dues are payable immediately.

d) The second installment ($50) will be waived for new members that start participating in club activities after the July club

e) Annual dues will be waived for members who start club activities after the September meeting.

Section 1-2: New Members

a) Any person desiring membership must be sponsored by a current club member, become a member in good standing of
B.A.S.S., and be accepted by the general membership by vote.

b) Potential new members must participate in a minimum of 3 functions, including at least one tournament before they can be
voted in as a new member.  The first of the three required functions must be a meeting.

c) A simple majority vote is required to confirm a new member.

d) New members will not be formally added to the MBN & BASS rosters if they start club activities after the September club

Section 1-3: Number of Members

a) Club membership shall be limited to twenty (20) members, consisting of at least 60% boat owners.  (See Boater/Non-Boater
ratio chart in the “General Information” section.)

Section 1-4: Attire

a) Club members are required to purchase a club hat. Members are also encouraged to purchase a club shirt. Where practical
to do so, club hats should be worn during tournaments. At a minimum and where practical, members are required to wear club
hats during ooze-off and during weigh-in.

Section 1-5: Emeritus Membership

a) Emeritus membership can be granted to any previous club member of Crabtowne Bassmasters who was a member of the
club for 5 or more years. Emeritus members are allowed to participate in all club activities, including tournaments as a ‘guest’.
Emeritus members are not required to pay dues! An 80% membership vote in favor of granting Emeritus membership is


ARTICLE 2 – Meetings

a) Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at the Mayo Police Station at 7:00 pm.  In the event the meeting
location is not available or the date of the meeting must be changed, an alternate time and/or location may be scheduled.

b) Attendance at meetings is expected.  If you are unable to attend a meeting, you are required to notify a club officer.

c) A quorum is required at club meetings to conduct club business. A quorum is defined as over 50% of club membership,
including one (1) club officer.

d) Meetings shall be conducted in an orderly manner.

e) Should any member miss 50% of club tournaments and/or 50% of club functions (meetings, events, Opens) for a calendar
year, they may be brought before the club for review and possible revocation of membership. The member under review will
not be present during the review discussion.


ARTICLE 3 – Code of Conduct

Club members should be of good character. A club member who does not have or maintain good character, or who conducts
himself in such a manner as to bring discredit on this Club, or participates in a club tournament in an illegal, unsafe, or
unsportsmanlike manner, will be brought before the club members at the next meeting for review of membership status. The
club will vote by ‘majority vote’ on the status of the individual’s membership. The member under review will not be present
during the review discussion.


ARTICLE 4 – Officers / Duties

a) Election of Club officers shall be held annually, on the second Tuesday in December.  A simple majority vote of members
present is required to elect such officers.  Nominations for Club officers should be made at the November meeting.

b) Term of duty starts January 1st and concludes December 31st.  New officers will assume duties starting with the meeting
following the elections.


c) This position provides the Chapter with leadership and oversees the Chapter meetings.  He presides over nominations and
the election of new officers.  The President will also oversee the procurement of plaques, trophies, and other club
merchandise.  He is also responsible for ensuring representation is present for MBF meetings.  He may vote on club matters at
the discretion of the club members.  He will also maintain club records & property.

Vice President

d) This position assumes a leadership role in the absence of the club president. He is also responsible for public relations for
the club, interviewing prospective new members, overseeing the treasurer reports and the submission of 'club news' to the

Secretary / Treasurer

e) This position is responsible for the recording attendance during meetings, maintaining the club roster, recording meeting
minutes, distribution of club correspondence and the update of the By-laws. This position is also responsible for accounting of
club funds and the collection/distribution of club moneys.

Tournament Director

f) This position is responsible for scheduling all tournaments, administering the ooze-off, weighing, measuring, and recording
of fish. In the event a member cancels prior to a planned tournament, this position is responsible for rebalancing the ‘pairings’
as required. This position is also responsible for enforcing tournament fishing rules and overseeing tournament related

Safety Officer

g) This position is responsible for caucusing with the President and Tournament Director regarding decisions to cancel,
postpone or “early call” tournaments due to inclement weather or other safety related matters.  Also, at the 1st tournament or
earliest opportunity, conducts annual and spot safety inspections of boats used during club tournaments to include, but not
limited to, USCG regulated safety devices and requirements and current insurance coverage.


h) This position is responsible for picture taking, maintaining a yearly picture album of events and tournaments, as well as a
brief narrative of each occasion and reports and records of all tournaments and club events.


i) This position is responsible for administering the club website and bulletin board, ensuring the home page is current,
posting tournament results, YTD stats, pictures, club news, meeting minutes and other content desired by the club


ARTICLE 5 – Tournament Fishing

Section 5-1: Tournament Summary/Selection

The tournament selection process for the following season will begin at the October meeting and be finalized by a
membership vote at the December meeting.  There will not be an ‘entry fee’ for each tournament, but members are
encouraged to participate in a $5 Lunker Pot. Tournament scoring will be based on a ‘point system’ for position placed during
each event. Mr. BASS will be based on attained cumulative points for the year.

The selection of tournament dates and locations will be administered by the Tournament Director.

1 - The membership will decide how many tournaments will occur during the season.
2 - The membership will be solicited for preferred tournament locations
3 - Members will submit 'unavailable dates' to the TD for consideration.
4 - Tournaments will not be scheduled to conflict with Mr BASS MBN tournaments
5 - Every effort should be made to avoid scheduling conflicts with other MBN tournaments
6 - The tournament end time should not be later than 3pm ET.

Section 5-2: Drawing and Pairing

a) Drawing and pairing will occur at the regularly scheduled meeting immediately before the tournament date (i.e. Tournament
date: April 8th 06, the draw occurs at March meeting: March 14th).

b) Members who wish to ‘fish’ the tournament must declare their intentions (yes or no) at this time.

c) If a member cannot attend the meeting, their intentions must be conveyed prior to the meeting to a fellow club officer.  
Failure to communicate intentions assumes the individual does not plan to fish.

d) Members who plan to fish in a tournament should declare their intentions as either ‘boater’ or ‘non-boater’ status.

e) Boaters will be drawn first, in order of ooze-off position.  Non-Boaters will then be drawn in order, and matched to a
Boater (i.e. Boater #1 to Non-Boater #1, Boater #2 to Non-Boater #2, etc.).

f) If there are too many boaters, the first names drawn will go as boaters, and the remaining boaters will be added to the non-
boater draw.

g) Should a non-boater be paired with the same boater from the previous tournament, the non-boater will swap positions with
the next non-boater selected. Should the repeat pairing occur with the last non-boater selected, the non-boater will be
swapped with the previous non-boater  Repeat pairings will be limited to no more than two times per year.  Members are
required to point out ‘repeat pairings’ during the draw.

h) During the annual club two-day tournament, all boaters will be permitted to bring their boats.  Pairings with Riders will occur
via the draw process.

Section 5-3: Boater Preference

a) Should a ‘declared’ boater get selected as a non-boater during a tournament draw, that boater will be guaranteed a boater
position for all subsequent tournaments in the season until such time that all other boaters have been positioned as a rider via
the draw process.  Boater Preference will be administered by the Tournament Director.

Section 5-4: Guest Participation

a) Guest will be permitted to fish in club tournaments.

b) Guests must be ‘declared’ at the meeting when the drawing and pairings occur. Should the draw result in a situation where a
member (boater or non-boater) does not have a partner, the guest would not be allowed to attend that tournament.

c) Should the tournament draw result in a Boater fishing alone, that Boater may be allowed to bring a guest to fish in the

d) Once a guest is invited to fish after the draw, that guest cannot be uninvited to accommodate other changes in pairings due
to cancellations.

e) A club member will not be excluded from a tournament due to guest participation, even if it means fishing ‘three in a boat’

f) Guests who catch fish will be allowed to weigh-in, but their weight will not be tallied into the club standings for that

Section 5-5: Cancellations / Late Requests to Fish

a) Any member unable to fish a tournament must notify his partner and the Tournament Director by 10:00 PM of the Wednesday
preceding the tournament. In the event any member fails to do so, he will still be responsible for his half of the costs for that

b) If a member cancels, and it results in a Boater fishing alone, the amount is to be no more than $30.00 and payable to the

c) Last minute requests to ‘fish’ will be honored, provided the member does not make such requests more than two times per
year.  Third requests will be denied.  

Section 5-6: Rally Points & Caravanning

a) Members are expected to meet at the ‘Rally Points’ and ‘caravan’ to the tournament location.  In those cases where ‘doubling
back’ will result in extended driving time, members can meet at the tournament location.

b) At the conclusion of the weigh-in, members are expected to caravan from the tournament site.

Section 5-7: Tournament Rules

a) Fish must be Largemouth and/or Smallmouth Bass. (covered by MBF and BASS rules)

b) Fish must be caught by rod and reel in designated tournament waters during the tournament time frame to count for weight.
(covered by MBF and BASS)

c) Fish must be the required length from the tip of the nose (mouth closed) to the end of the tail (swept). Measurements will
be made on the Club's keeper board with the Tournament Director making the final decision.

d) A ‘courtesy measurement’ cannot be made by the Tournament Director and will not occur on the club’s keeper board.

e) Any member at the time of the weigh-in, with a bass less than the state regulation requirement, loses their biggest fish for
the day of that tournament.

f) All fish must be weighed in on the Club scales (if available) to count for weight using hundredths of pounds measurements

g) Members who are running late for muster or ooze-off should make every effort to notify club members of their expected
arrival time. Late members are not allowed to start tournament fishing until they have checked-in with a club member other
than their partner for that event.

h) There will be a 1 lb per minute late penalty for any member who is late for weigh-in. After 15 minutes, any late member loses
all weight for that tournament.

i) No more than the state legal limit of fish of bass species (largemouth/smallmouth bass) may be weighed in, or in any
members’ possession at any time during a tournament.

j) All fish must be caught on artificial lures. (covered by MBF and BASS rules)

k) No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be consumed during the time frame of the tournament. (covered by MBF and

l) All club members must remain at the launch site until all present are ready to ooze-off and the tournament chairman has
announced a tournament starting and ending time.

m) Boats must leave the launch site in an orderly manner, in order of ‘Draw’ position.  The last boat number drawn will
designate ‘control’ for the ooze-off and maintain a 15 second interval between boats as they ooze-off.

n) Members will give other members, while fishing, ample fishing area and not infringe upon evident fishing site.  A 25 yard
minimum behind the angler is a good rule of thumb.

o) At the conclusion of the tournament, once weigh-in is declared, the cleaning of boats ceases.  All members are expected to
remain at launch site facility until weigh-in has concluded, all boats are loaded, and all members are ready to leave.

p) Any member leaving a tournament for an emergency prior to the weigh-in must inform another member before doing so, or
leave a note on one of the club member vehicles.

q) For each dead fished weighed in, the following penalties will be assessed: 1: .25 lb, 2: .75 lb, 3: 1.25 lbs, 4: 1.75 lbs, 5: 2.50 lbs

r) No culling of dead fish

s) Any fishing situation not covered by the rules within this document will be covered by the fishing rules of the Maryland Bass
Federation and B.A.S.S., as well as Local & State regulations.

t) Boaters are required to have a minimum of $100,000.00 liability boat insurance and a copy of the insurance policy on the boat.

u)  Paper Tournament Rules:  In the event the club decides to hold a tournament at a location that does not permit fish to be
kept in a live-well, weights will be determined based on ‘Paper Tournament Rules’ approved by the Tournament Director and
the President

Section 5-8: Rules Violations

a) Tournament participants should notify the Tournament Director of any suspected rule infractions prior to the completion of
the weigh-in.

b) Should the Tournament Director identify or be told of any tournament rules infractions, he must hold a review in a timely
manner, before leaving the launch and weigh-in area.

c) Following an assessment with the concerned parties, the Tournament Director will make a decision.  If it is determined that a
violation has occurred, tournament weights or parts of the weights may be forfeited and/or the member may be disqualified
from the tournament.

d) If the Tournament Director is the party accused of the infraction, a present senior club officer will conduct the assessment.

e) The Tournament Director or the representing Officer will interpret the rules and regulations to the spirit and intent of the
rule, and the decision will be made.

f) Members can appeal decisions via the grievance process detailed in Article 6

Section 5-9: Points System

Individual Tournaments

a) Starting at 20 points, each participant receives points in descending one (1) point increments based on the most weight

b) Any individual that leaves early and is not present for weigh-in will receive 'points' consistent with catching 'zero' fish.

c) Ties for weight share the average of the points for the range of the places they would have covered (i.e.: three way ties for
second - 19, 18, and 17 would be 18 points for all three finishers.).  This includes ties for participants who did not catch a fish.
Their places would start the next increment down from the last participant who weighed in a fish.

d) Bonus Points: Each participant receives two (2) bonus points for each five (5) pounds of fish caught per tournament day.

e) Total weight determines tournament place

f) Points are applied towards year-end results (Mr Bass)


a) Total of placement points and bonus points for all tournaments fished during the year.

b) Tie will be broken by using the following order

1)  Total weight
2)  Number of fish
3)  Largest fish
4)  Highest number of lead finishes (most 1st, 2nds, etc.)
5)  Coin Toss

Section 5-10: Lunker Pot

Club tournaments will have an optional “Lunker Pot” for each tournament. The cost of participation is $5 per tournament day.  
The Lunker monies for the entire season will be collected at the beginning of the season at the March meeting.  Lunker
payouts will be calculated at the beginning of the season and will be administered by the treasurer. Members who opt out do
so for the whole year.

a) Guests are eligible to participate in the Lunker pot

b) New Members who opt to participate, the amount due will be prorated based on the number of remaining tournaments.

c) The payout amount will not change as new members or guests opt in.  Any additional collected lunker monies will go
towards the ‘club treasury’.

The member who catches the largest fish (by weight) of that tournament will be awarded 75% of the moneys collected
(rounded up to the next whole dollar). The remaining 25% will go towards an “end of year” fund that will be awarded to the
member who catches the largest fish (by weight) of the year. Ties for individual tournaments or “end of year” Lunker will be
split between the winners.

a) To be eligible for the ‘end of year’ cash award, members must fish in at least 70% of the clubs tournaments.

b) The “Lunker Pot” will be administered by the Secretary/Treasurer.

Section 5-11: Awards

At the conclusion of the tournament season, awards will be presented to the members who achieve the following
accomplishments: Tournament Winner, Mr. Bass, Heavy Stringer and Lunker. The following is a description of each
accomplishment and the award to be issued:

a) Tournament Winner: Each member who wins an individual tournament will be provided with an engraved plate that indicates
the location, date and weight of the event. When required, the club will procure the perpetual plaque for its member(s).

b) Mr. Bass: The member who achieves the highest “point total” for the tournament season will be awarded a Mr. Bass plaque
or trophy, as well as a check in the amount of $100.  Mr. Bass will also be awarded the Club’s perpetual plaque with an engraved
plate for safekeeping until it is handed off to the next year’s Mr. Bass.  The club will pay the “entry fee” for the member who
fishes in the Mr. Bass tournament.

c) Heavy Stringer: The member who catches the largest “stringer” of the day for the tournament year (by weight) will be
awarded a plaque or trophy.

d) Lunker: The member who catches the largest (by weight) fish of the year will be awarded a plaque or trophy.

e) 2nd & 3rd Place: A trophy or plaque will be awarded to the members who complete the tournament season in 2nd and 3rd
place. If the club has an active membership roster of 10 or less, only the 2nd place position will be awarded.

f)  Rider of the Year:  The non-boater member with the most points at the end of the tournament season will be awarded a
plaque or trophy.  Should this non-boater member win the Mr Bass award there will not be a Rider of the Year award.

g) Awards will be administered by the previous years' tournament director.


ARTICLE 6 – Standing Rules

a) All expenditures over $50.00 must be voted on and approved by club members prior to payment.

b) The club President is authorized to approve or incur expenses up to $50.

c) Non-boater and Boater will share expenses of fishing trips equally.

d) There will be a three (3) member grievance committee, made up of the President, Vice President and Tournament Director  
that will decide appeals of club members toward any rule judgment against them.  In the event that the grieving member is one
of the committee members, the secretary or treasurer will sit in on the committee in his place.

e) With a quorum (50% of membership) present, a simple majority vote of members present during regularly scheduled
meeting is required to elect officers and to conduct Club business.

f) Boats used for club tournaments must be approved by the membership.

Rules Judgment / Penalties / Consequence

a) All members can present issues associated with rules violations or noncompliance to the Grievance Committee.  In the
event, the Grievance Committee rules against a club member, penalties can be assessed.

b) Penalties can range from warnings, tournament point reductions or disqualification, suspension or any other appropriate

c) The decision of the Grievance Committee is final.  There are no appeals.  Rulings must be determined prior to the next club

d) Recommendation for dismissal must be brought before the membership for discussion and vote.


Article 7 – Changes to Charter, Bylaws & Tournament Rules

a) The Club Charter, Bylaws & Tournament Rules will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

b) Updates and changes will approved by a majority vote of the membership.

c) Proposed changes should be submitted for review during the in December meeting.

d) Final ratification by majority vote should occur no later than March of the following year.

e) Changes can be made during the year provided the President and the Vice President agree to ‘motion’ a membership vote.  
A majority vote will ‘approve’ the changes/updates.

06/13/06 – Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
02/13/07 – Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
05/08/07 – Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
01/08/08 – Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
11/12/08 – Document reformatted (no changes)
01/13/09 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed and revised
01/12/10 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
02/08/11 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
12/12/11 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
12/11/12 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
12/10/13 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
12/09/14 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & accepted (no changes)
12/08//15 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & accepted (no changes)
12/13/16 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & accepted (no changes)
12/12/17 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
12/11/18 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
12/10/19 - Charter & Bylaws reviewed & revised
12/8/20 - Charter, Bylaws & Tournament Rules reviewed & revised


General Information

G-1: Boaters / Non-Boater Ratios:

•        06 members = 4 boaters and 2 non-boaters
•        07 members = 5 boaters and 2 non-boaters
•        08 members = 5 boaters and 3 non-boaters
•        09 members = 6 boaters and 3 non-boaters
•        10 members = 6 boaters and 4 non-boaters
•        11 members = 7 boaters and 4 non-boaters
•        12 members = 8 boaters and 4 non-boaters
•        13 members = 8 boaters and 5 non-boaters
•        14 members = 9 boaters and 5 non-boaters
•        15 members = 9 boaters and 6 non-boaters
•        16 members = 10 boaters and 6 non-boaters
•        17 members = 11 boaters and 6 non-boaters
•        18 members = 11 boaters and 7 non-boaters
•        19 members = 12 boaters and 7 non-boaters
•        20 members = 12 boaters and 8 non-boaters

G-2: 2021 Officers:

President: Steve Carman
Vice President: Terry Helser
Secretary/Treasurer: Bill McGucken
Safety Officer: Kevin Rawlings
Tournament Director: Mike Cherry
Historian/Photgorapher: Kim Barnstable
Webmaster: Steve Carman

G-3: Members during most recent Charter & Bylaws update:

Franco Bianca
Kim Barnstable
Vic Brown
Steve Carman
Mike Cherry
Terry Helser
Bill McGucken
Brandon McMillion
Jim Pitt
Charlie Prue
Joe Prus
Kevin Rawlings
Denis Schanberger
Alan Thacker
Annapolis, Maryland
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a word document format, contact Steve