2007 Year In Review
Annapolis, Maryland
2007 Tournament Results
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Crabtowne Bassmasters: 2007 Season Recap

Crabtowne Bassmasters, a Maryland Bass Federation member since 1974, enjoyed a full 2007 club tournament
season.  Crabtowne typically fishes 9 or 10 tournaments a year and we sponsor a yearly Team Tournament.  We are a
flexible club that believes in an enjoyable, competitive, and friendly atmosphere.

We had our Annual Banquet at the Olive Tree restaurant in February. Awards were presented to Mr. Bass and the
Tournament winners. This year we fished waters in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland.  We also sponsored our
17th annual Team Tournament on the Marshyhope where we also did a park clean up to help with conservation.  2007
did not hinder us from the weather.  Though we still had the occasional high winds, freezing temperatures, rain, and
fishing behind other clubs and major tournament schedules, we still got through our schedule and managed to bring in a
few fish.

This year we added discussions on the ‘how-to’ of bass fishing with various club members as speakers. We featured a
raffle at the end of our meetings this year that always had a few winners and we always seem to follow the meetings
up with a stop at Five Guys in Edgewater to talk about what else…… FISHING.

We had several new members join the Club for 2007.  Some of members now have new boats.

This year’s tournament winners were: Susquehanna: Roger Shirkey Sr., Potomac 1: Shawn Jones, Wicomico: Steve
Carman, Potomac 2: Shawn Jones, Sassafras: Denis Schanberger, Nanticoke: Jim Pitt, Marshyhope: Jim Pitt,
Rappahannock: Alan Thacker, Lake Gaston (2 day): Shawn Jones, Potomac 3: Steve Carman.

Shawn Jones carried three 1st place finishes and one third place finish to capture Mr. BASS for 2007. Steve Carman
has the lunker for the year, along with the heaviest stringer.

As the 2007 year closes, the Club is looking forward to the 2008 season.  We are considering a club trip together to
some of the upcoming fishing shows during the off season.  We’re still looking for new members, boaters and non-