2006 Year In Review
Annapolis, Maryland
2006 Tournament Results
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2006 Season Recap

This year we fished waters in Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland.  We also sponsored our 16th annual Team Tournament
on the Marshyhope.  2006 saw significant impact from the weather.  Through high winds, freezing temperatures, or
torrential rain, we slogged though our schedule.  This year we found it necessary to change ramps, tournament
locations, and we even had to postpone a tournament.  In the end though, we got it done!

2006 was eventful.  We had several new members join the Club, we revised and rewrote our Bylaws, we participated
in the Southern Region Team tournament, and we even started a Club web-site.

This year’s tournament winners were: Adam Bolling (Anna #1 & Potomac #2), Steve Carman (Potomac #1), Jeff Casey
(Sassafras), Alan Thacker (Wicomico & Anna #2), Jim Pitt (Nanticoke & Marshyhope), Roger Shirkey Sr. (Gunpowder).  
Steve Carman carried a 1st place finish and two 2nds to capture Mr. BASS for 2006.

As the 2006 year closes, the Club is looking forward to the 2007 season.  We’re still looking for new members,
boaters and non-boaters.